Digital X-Ray

Our state-of-the-art Cesium plate digital radiography (DR) X-Ray system offers amazing image quality and use up to 30% less radiation than conventional X-Ray systems.

Our X-Ray system offers amazing image quality. Services include:

  • General
  • Dental OPG/Cephalometry
  • Sports & Orthopaedic Imaging

What is an X-Ray?

X-Rays are still images (similar to photography) that allow our radiology team to see through the skin at the underlying bones and soft tissues for signs of any abnormality.

X-Ray technology has come a long way since the 1920s, when X-Rays were first used for medical purposes. We can proudly say that we are using the very latest technology in Digital X-Ray systems. This not only helps the speed of the examination, helping you get on with your day faster, but also reduces your radiation exposure by up to 30%.


Usually, all that is required for preparation for an X-Ray is the removal of jewellery and some clothing from the area to be examined. You may be required to wear a gown during the examination.

Please bring any previous films with you for comparison.

Your images and report:

It is important that you make an appointment to return to your doctor after you have collected your examination result. Whether they are normal or abnormal, your doctor needs to correlate with other information for further management.

Your result will include a copy of the images from your study as well as a report from our radiologist.

Depending on your referrer’s preference(s), a copy of the report can also be sent to your referring doctor by fax or electronic download.

Digital copies of all studies are stored on our secured database for comparison with any future examinations.

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