Patient Referrals

Our highly trained team of specialists in diagnostic and interventional radiology will ensure that the highest quality of diagnostic imaging is provided for your patients. We guarantee accurate and safe interventional services performed in an efficient and timely manner.

With such a vast array of imaging options available for patients, it can sometimes be a challenging task for busy practitioners to refer trusted professional services. With this in mind, our philosophy is to always be readily available to address any concerns prior to, or after imaging has been undertaken. We therefore urge our referrers not to hesitate in contacting us at any time.

Reports and Results

Radiology Group gives our referrers multiple options to access reports and images. The most convenient way is via any HealthLink compatible software such as:

Medical DirectorGenieBest PracticeMed TechZed MedPatient Soft

If you already have an account for one of these providers then please give your local Radiology Group practice a call to enable us to send you the reports electronically to your inbox within this software.

To access the full set of DICOM quality images for a specific study – click on the study in your inbox and view the report. Your patient images will automatically launch or there will be a clickable link on the report page.

If you do not have any of the above products, then there are a few other options for you to receive reports and images:

The Radiology Group Doctor Portal will enable you to view all current and previous reports/images for ANY patient referred to Radiology group practices (Subject to our strict privacy policy). You will need a Patient’s date of birth and surname. You will also need a Username and Password. If you don’t have one click here to request a username and password or call your local Radiology group practice.

Download referral forms

Please click on the links below to download our A5 and A4 Referral forms.

Order Referral Forms Online

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