Doing it for the Koalas

January 2020

We have all be touched by the unprecedented devastation seen across Australia since last year with the Bush Fires, all of us have known someone affected by the fires. What was even worse was the 500 million little animals killed and hurt.

As a result last month’s Radiology Group’s General Manager, Nansi Ackling and Emerton Manager Kate Clarke adopted a koala for each Radiology Group practice to show their commitment, not only for the community but our poor little Australian animals affected by the bushfires that desperately need our help.

Unfortunately the little Koala that who was adopted for Blacktown died in Sunday which was heartbreaking news for us all.

Radiology Group have also committed $10,000 for Red Cross and Wires to help in this time of need as well as a fundraising drive from all of our practices. This will be done through little cupcakes (made by Kate), which are on display with little bottles of water at each practice next to a Donation Box displayed with the certificate of our little Koalas. There is also other information for all staff and patients to help how they can. All the money raised will go to firefighter’s foundation.

For those that want to help please donate to the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie, Wires, Australian Professional Firefighters Foundation, The Red Cross or the Rural Fire Service.

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