CovidPass helping to make you safer

April 2020

Radiology Group is implementing a web-based app that automates COVID-19 screening, replacing paper with extremely easy to use QR code technology.

The new app created by A Website That Works For you ensures businesses and residents can now easily generate a QR sign they can print and stick at the entry of their premises.

Anyone visiting the premises scans the QR code and is asked to answer a couple of simple screening questions on entry via their smart phone.

If they pass, they receive a CovidPass to present at the door which contains their answers. It also contains recommended best practices for social distancing. If they fail, they are provided government recommendations and a link to the government health WhatsApp chat.

It’s free for businesses and households to create a display sign, start issuing passes and it is extremely easy to use. You don’t need to download an app to get a pass, all you need is a camera on your phone and WiFi.

“We’ve been trailing CovidPass at our medical clinics and so far, the feedback has been great. It is becoming more common place for businesses to take contact tracing seriously and this is just an easier way of achieving this,” said Tony Lu, partner of High Street Medical Imaging.

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To see the CovidPass website click the below link

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